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Happy first of September!

Yeah, so I figured an update was needed. Mostly because I think I've been taken into the dark corridors of the world of fandom for... Morning Musume. No, really.

I tried throughout the years to get into Morning Musume even though I vaguely knew about their existence (and discovered the graduation system through a process of "Who the hell is that?" and "Where is that one chick in this video?"). Because their music is definitely an acquired taste (and way too HAPPYOMGLETSBEGAY for me at a lot of times), it took... a lot of years. Finally, I heard Resonant Blue some time in the spring of '09 last semester and fell in semi-love. I loved the melody and the "dakedo, nee, nee, dakedo" parts. Let's face it; they just sound cool. For once, the chorus didn't ruin the song to me, and I just couldn't help loving the dance in the music video, so Resonant Blue was an instant hit with me. The part when the girls line up and do that weird arm-thing in the music video is fun as hell; can't even explain why. It just is.



Because any MM fan is aware of the retardedness of the group when it comes to hiding 80% of the members in the background, I decided to learn the names of every single girl in the group so they'd stop confusing the hell out of me in videos. Mitsui Aika popped out immediately to me in the ~Another Version~ of the music video, and since I couldn't figure out who the heck she was (since she pretty much disappeared into the background at all times during the regular PV), I looked her up, figured out who she was, and fell in love. The girl is gorgeous and has such interesting mannerisms, lmao. Possibly because I didn't see her when she first joined, I'm able to appreciate how beautiful she's grown up to be. The rule that ugly baby = beautiful adult and vice versa has never been wrong in my experience, so Mitsui's growing up to be a bangin' babe. The dudes probably disagree with me, but girls know these things so gtfo. The short, crinkled hair she wears in the live performances of Shouganai Yume Oibito show her at her best, I think. Long hair doesn't suit her, but I think her short hair is best when styled like that.

The ~Another Version~ version of Resonant Blue's PV:


Plus, really, the girl can dance her ass off. That surprised me when I learned that she was the youngest member (15 or 16 for the PVs I was watching), so I expected her to need to stay in the background during dance routines because of her obvious inexperience, but she really surprised me when I watched the dance versions of Naichau Kamo and Shouganai Yume Oibito. Bitch can dance!



Just as a side note: Shouganai Yume Oibito was the song that sealed the deal for me. I heard that and knew I was no longer on the fence about the group. I absolutely love the song and the dance. It showed me that the girls in the group really are the talk and the walk.

And lastly, after watching them more and more, I discovered that Junjun is a beast. Like damn, look at that girl.

I first saw her in the Naichau Kamo PV during the part when all the girls are soaking wet from the rain, and I couldn't figure out who she was, but every time she came on screen looking all sad and drenched, I just kept saying, "Hot damn, that girl is beautiful." Not to mention that when I finally heard some solo lines from her (live version of SONGS for the Platinum 9 Concert), I realized she really can sing too. And she has a personality that sets her apart from the other girls who, to me, appear like pampered babies when it comes to real-life issues (not that ~idols~ really have to deal with that much). Junjun has a strong personality and seems to me that she wouldn't run off crying if someone attacked her, which I can picture several of the other girls doing.

So that's enough to wrap it up for now. It's just an update on what I've been up to lately as far as really random shit goes. I have issues with some members of the group (Koharu and Sayumi, I want to like you, but the fact remains that you cannot sing to save your lives and no amount of training has changed that). As a whole though, they're good.

Oh, and I realized that Maki Goto is way better off being signed with avex trax. She's released some amazing songs. I always thought her H!P sexy songs were... strange. Like songs trying in some weird H!P way to be sexy with lots of tits and ass in the music videos. I find her avex material much sexier with much better music and much better use of her voice. Just sayin'.


Sep. 5th, 2009 11:10 pm (UTC)
I talked to her, she says she's not into them anymore. She likes the ex-H!P girls

Lol knowing every single member IS something to be proud of :D, It's something a non-H!P fan couldn't understand.

Yeah those old men creep my out. :0 I was reading an article about that and that freaked me out. I really feel for those girls always having to act so perfect.

whoops it's "some boys like to touch", not "some girls". Yeah I never finished watching the whole video, I don't think I ever got half way through it. I didn't like the live performances either. I saw the Lady Rise video and I love it! corny pun allowed :D

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