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fucking Bleach!BAW

Ulquiorra died. What the flying fuck, man?

lol, I've never done this before, but there goes my reason for reading Bleach... even though I kept getting months behind on keeping up with it at all. Jeez, that's so disappointing. I didn't even realize I liked him that much (since there's really nothing to like), but apparently I did. D:


May. 4th, 2009 03:16 pm (UTC)
this reply is not a month late. no, it is not. :)

I think it's hilarious that Tite actually implied UlquiorraxOrihime as he was dying. idk, I just think for an antagonist to have some actual canon almost-relationship with one of the good guys is interesting for a shounen manga.

And I wouldn't bet on Grimmjow being dead. I can't remember jack about his last appearance, but I'm thinking Tite would at least make sure we knew he was dead if he had died. He wouldn't just... run off into a corner and die off screen, I don't think. Too many people love Grimmjow for Tite to not give him some epic death, I'm thinking. lmfao.
May. 6th, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
actually it's been 17 days....I've been counting ( J/K J/K :D)

I know, I thought it was kinda cute. I blushed til I couldn't blush no more ( yup that's the type a person I am, blushes and awwws at the sight of even a little love.)

I think during his last appearance Ulquiorra beat the crap out of him or something like that. Lmao, I wonder what he's gonna do when he makes his appearance again. And the Vizards or Visoreds (what ever the hell they are called) didn't enter the epic battle yet.Wahh I'm getting impatient.

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